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We support all type of industries to manage invoice, revenue, expense and other critical financial documents. Seam less integration with your accountant and tax software.

Customer Management

All the business customers can be managed seamlessly within the application with access to their due amounts, invoices and other activities.

Revenue & Expenses

Businesses can effortlessly manage their revenue and expenses by simply clicking picture of the expense/ revenue receipt and updating the information in the application.


Businesses could easily create, send and manage their invoices. Application allows users to track and monitor data with the help of various reports that can be produced in the application.


Effortlessly manage personal and business travel logs.


Businesses’ information is always stored in highly secured zone in encrypted form. Our security team is well versed with latest tools to tackle threats and attacks.


Businesses could access their financial information any time and anywhere over the mobile app, tablet or web.

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