About Us

If you are looking for an easier way to effectively store and organize your accounting documents then Easy-on-Books is the way to go. This application is a one stop solution to a number of your accounting problems. We interact and work with accountants from different firms.

The Easy-On-Books application was created as a solution for common problems encountered by accountants and their clients. It mitigates the fears of people that their financial problems can’t be solved. Easy-On-Books solves these issues efficiently and in the most practical way by handling such financial issues in the most user-friendly way.

For a client, the application firstly reduces your paper work and the risk of losing documents. It allows you to upload receipts and other financial documents in the same manner it is filed. The fear of losing documents right before a meeting or having to give it to another accountant is eliminated. At the end of a fiscal period all your documents are properly prepared and documented thereby saving your time and tax amount.

Presently, people lose a lot of money as the proper documentation required to get a tax refund is lost. Easy-On-Books is the perfect solution for this issue, the user friendly application will be able to save all your documents thus making your tax refunds more secure and obliterating any form of hindrances you would encounter with missing financial documents.

As an accountant, you have direct access to your clients’ documents with Easy-On-Books, allowing you to get updates on your clients. Clients can be contacted easily and immediately on any irregularities or errors with their financial statements. There will be no case of miscommunication as would be able to see the actual documents uploaded to the app. This creates room for accurate flow of information between an accountant and his client.